Auction - 21st March 8pm


Antique Wash bowl & Jug by Ironstone Ware, Wood & Sons, Trent, England, 1916 – a stunning piece – donated by Mark & Mary Louis

Current bid $45

Antique wash bowl & jug
Ironstone Ware

Lot 2

Hand made embroidery piece – very old linen – beautifully made – donated by Jill Holmes

Current bid $10

Linen Embroidery

Check back for more Auction items as they come to hand.

If you have anything you would like to donate, just let us know.

To speed the process up on the night there will be a quick draw of the prize jars followed by the Auction which will only have a few items.  Then it’s onto some serious bald dancing.

Lot 3

Paul’s Eyebrows

Current Bid $20

2019 Tourism Award

Lot 4 

Suzanne’s Hair

Current bid $40