Choppers Corner - drive thru site

Choppers Corner sign
Choppers Corner
Choppers Corner

Choppers Corner is a big drive thru site which is ideal for family groups.  We have had the largest of motor homes and buses stay here with no problem.  The site is 35m long so there is plenty of room to set up and spread out.  All cleared and surrounded by trees.  Choppers Corner has been named after our big roo as he frequents the area with his 6 wives.  People often ask “why chopper”  because he has jumped out between the sheds and smashed 2 windscreens (before the Park opened) …..f…..bang – so he got the nickname Chopper and now he has his own campsite named after him.  Pictured below is Chopper & his 6 wives at the Entra

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