Local Stockists for Good Riddance –  Come and say g’day at the Urangan Pier Markets every Wednesday and Saturday 7am to 1pm.

Also available by post for all orders over $60 FREE POSTAGE .   

Good Riddance is locally made and we are the proud suppliers of this terrific product.  The 40 hour burn candle has an amazing aroma and it really does last that long.

I have tried many products to keep the mozzies and midges at bay when the hot weather is here and can honestly say that this product has so far been the best.

Its also deet free.  So stock up when you come to visit, or pre-order when you make a booking.

100ml $25, 250ml $50, 500ml $90, sensitive tub 100ml $25, 250ml $50, rescue balm stick $10, 45g tub $50, Tropical oil $25 and 40 hour burn candle $30.

100% deet free all Australian made natural insect repellent